South Corsica


La Palombaggia 41°32’42.64’’N – 9°18’13.37’’E

The beach is located 10 km south of Porto Vecchio and 39 km north-east of Bonifacio, in the southernmost  end of Corsica, where the mountains rise steeply from the sea. This slice of heaven is characterized by red rocks, white sand and dark green marine pines. It is one of the most famous and enchanting beaches in the island. Offshore are small uninhabited islets which make up the Natural Reserve of the Cerbicales islands, home mainly to cormorants. The beach is very popular in summer time.


La Rondinara 41°28'24"N, 9 °15'46"E

In Southern Corsica, between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio – only 20 km away from the latter – lies the beautiful Rondinara bay boasting turquoise waters surrounded by red rocks and fine-grained sand. A genuine heaven for divers, it is perfect for those who love sailing. The bay is also suitable for children. The presence of harmless cows on the beach is completely normal. Parking is available.


Isola Piana 41°22’16.79’’N – 9°13’44.13’’E

This small island is situated between Punta Sperone, the far end of Southern Corsica, and Lavezzi Island. The colour of the sea ranges from dark blue to light blue, turquoise, aquamarine and white in the shallow waters. From Corsica you can easily walk to this small island via an approx. 150-meter long isthmus. Piana island is renowned mainly for its calanche, a particular geological formation situated around 400 meters above sea level in the island’s coastal area. In 1983 the Calanche of Piana was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, along with the nearby Gulf of Porto, Capo Girolata and the Scandola Natural Reserve.


Lavezzi and Cavallo islands 41°40′25″N, 9°15′20″E 41°22′05″N, 9°15′50″E

Lavezzi island, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, and Cavallo island – both situated in Corsican territory, offer an endless variety of natural granite sculptures, the result of the erosive effect of both the waves and the winds of the Strait of Bonifacio. Lavezzi is a natural reserve as well as the main island of the archipelago bearing the same name. It is located south of Cavallo island, in Southeastern Corsica. It is a maze of light-coloured granite boulders and has countless tiny bays. Cavallo island, north of Lavezzi, is separated from the latter by a stretch of beautiful and unspoiled sea. It is a natural, and entirely private, paradise and one of the most exclusive destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. The white beaches, hidden among the rocks, are washed by a sea where diving and snorkeling enthusiasts can spot brown groupers, sword fish, dolphins and seabass.

South Corsica
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