North east Coast

Heading north from Portisco and leaving the La Maddalena National Park behind, you reach Santa Teresa di Gallura, the town lying in front of Corsica, opposite the Strait of Bonifacio. This is the starting point for a wonderful tour through northeastern Sardinia.

Costa Nord-Est


Santa Teresa di Gallura – Porto Liscia / Isola dei Gabbiani 41°11’39.96”N - 9°17’19.46”E

Off the Northeastern coast of Sardinia lies Isola dei Gabbiani (Seagulls’ island), about 6 kilometers away from Palau. With an approximately 180,000 square meter area, it is connected to the mainland via a sandy isthmus. The Liscia beach – eight kilometers long with an area of about 87-hectares – is the largest sandy expanse in the northeastern coast. The coarse-grained granite sand is golden coloured and is washed by crystal-clear waters and has a sandy shallow seabed. It looks onto the La Maddalena Archipelago, Caprera and Spargi, Spargiotto, Santo Stefano and Budelli islets. The beach is equipped with facilities and offers numerous beach and catering services. It is the perfect destination for windsurfers, being visited by the Tramontane, Mistral and Ponente winds (from north, northwest and west).


Rena Bianca 41°14’42.54”N - 9°11’19.53”E

In Sardinia’s northeastern point, 300 meters away from Santa Teresa di Gallura, lies the Rena Bianca beach. This 700-meter-long beach offers shelter from east and west winds. Near to the shore line the powdery sand boasts shades of pink. The shallow waters are always crystal-clear and its colours range from blue to turquoise and green. The beach offers facilities of beach umbrellas and chairs. Accommodation and catering service is also available.


Santa Teresa di Gallura – Capo Testa / Baia di Santa Reparata 41°14'12.91"N, 09° 9'46.20"E

To the west of Santa Teresa di Gallura is Capo Testa – its promontory is connected to the mainland by an isthmus – a stretch of sand which offers the amazing beaches of Rena di Ponente (on the west side) and Rena di Levante (on the east side). Capo Testa is known for its white sandy coves, its crystal-clear turquoise waters and its view of the Strait of Bonifacio in Corsica. East of the Capo Testa promontory lies the Santa Reparata Bay, which provides shelter from the winds coming from south and north/east. It is not recommended when the winds are from the west and south/west. The sandy beach features rocky coves surrounded by the Mediterranean flora. Given the variety of colours of the crystal-clear sea - ranging from blue to green – it is a favorite destination for scuba divers. The beach offers facilities and catering service.

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