Isole Mortorio e Soffi

The Islands of Mortorio, Soffi, Le Camere and Le Nibani - part of the Maddalena National Park lie 3 nautical miles from Portisco Marina, although they are not a part of the archipelago Sailing is prohibited around these islands, in order to conserve the flora and fauna and help their regrowth. Boats can be hired for daily excursions.

Mortorio is the largest island in the group and, like the others, is entirely uninhabited.

Mooring in the Cala Orientale cove is preferable with westerly winds, while Cala Occidentale is preferable with easterly winds.

The island of Soffi, smaller than Mortorio, has no beaches or deep coves. Sea coordinates: 41° 4’20.59”N, 09°36’0.05”E

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