Golfo Aranci and Tavolara


Golfo Aranci - Cala Moresca 40°59'12.92"N, 09°38'46.67"E

The bay, characterized by its crystal-clear waters, is located one mile away from Golfo Aranci, behind Figarolo island and the Capo Figari promontory. The bay has shallow and sandy seabed alternating with stretches featuring light-coloured rocks. It provides shelter from almost every wind, except for the  Sirocco which comes from the south/east. The beach, perfect for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, does not have (facilities but, in addition to the large parking lot, it boasts a vast pine forest – located behind it – which provides shade and relief from the heat in the hottest hours of the day.


Isola di Tavolara – Spiaggia dello Spalmatore  40°53'35.03"N, 09°40'55.13"E 40°53'35.03"N, 09°40'55.13"E

This beach lies on the western end of the Tavolara island in the municipality of Loiri Porto San Paolo. It is accessible by boat only. There are, however, a few tourist boats which offer a 25-minute ride to the beach. The sandy shore consists of white fine grained sand with pink undertones where the sand meets the sea. The seabed is excellent for anchorage.

The charm of this location is also due to the beauty of the majestic limestone massif  (approximately 560 meters) overlooking the sea which is characteristic of the island. Sailing is forbidden in the north-east area since it is a military area. The wild and solitary character of the landscape is ample reward for  the lack of any services. The beach is surrounded by a lush Mediterranean flora. It features coarse-grained golden sand while the sea, with a vast shallow seabed, boasts colours ranging from light blue to green. Very popular in high season, it is enhanced by beautiful pink-coloured rocky outcrops alternating with numerous small beaches. The shallow waters are suitable for children. Unlike the other beaches in La Maddalena, it has many beach facilities and small restaurants and snack bars. It provides good shelter from the winds.


Capo Coda Cavallo 40° 50' 30 N, 09°43' 25 E

The Capo Coda Cavallo peninsula lies 20 kilometers from Olbia, in front of the Tavolara and Molara islands, in the marine park, nestling in a unique landscape. The entire peninsula is part of the “Protected Marine Natural Area”, filled with bays and cliffs. This area is home to many of the most beautiful beaches in the Sardinian eastern coast: white sand, crystal-clear waters framed by lush vegetation, with scents and colours typical of the Mediterranean flora. The Capo Coda Cavallo beach of San Teodoro, one of the most beautiful in the coast, lies in the promontory with the same name. It provides good shelter from the Sirocco and the Ostro (a southerly wind in the Mediterranean Sea) winds. The beach also has small restaurants and snack bars


Cala Brandinchi 40°46′00″N, 9°40′00″E

The beautiful Brandinchi beach is situated between Punta Sabbatino and Capo Coda Cavallo. Very popular in the high season, it is nicknamed “Tahiti” thanks to its exotic look: white fine-grained sand, shallow waters boasting intense colours ranging from emerald green to turquoise and dark blue. The beach (720 meters long and 31 meters wide) is surrounded by dunes filled with juniper bushes. Facilities are available. The beach overlooks the Ruia island with its red granite rocks. Inland, large hilly areas are dotted with pines, eucalyptus and acacias, typical of the Mediterranean flora.

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