Maxi Yacht

Maxi Yacht

The port is enabled for international mooring procedures for large vessels that find optimum privacy, safety and professionalism with us.

Each berth on dock n° 9-south is equipped with two ground lines connected to the main chain which anchored to a series of anchor-blocks divided in groups weighing 15/20 tons. The group of anchor-blocks are connected to each other by a chain.

Two yellow light buoys signal the two ends of the main chain placed at about 100 mt. from the quay.



To avoid any possible crossover of chains we kindly ask you to observe the following instructions:

  • Drop your anchor from between 120 and 150 metres from the dock, perpendicular to your assigned berth shown to you by the line handler.
  • Preferably drop only one anchor.
  • If you use both anchors drop them approximately in the same place
  • If you choose to keep the bow head to the wind during the manoeuvre; the rubber dinghy or the S.U.T. will assist you.
  • Once the mooring is completed our line handler will bring the two lines to be attached to the boat.