Cala Liscia Ruja

Cala Liscia Ruja

The crystal clear waters of the largest, organised beach on the Costa Smeralda are close to Cala Volpe

Lying between Punta Ligata and Cala di Volpe, this is the largest and best equipped beach in Costa Smeralda.

Crystal-clear waters lap a series of coves filled with Mediterranean flora including juniper and white lilies.

Behind Punta Ligata, the Cala Petra Ruja and Cala Razza di Giunco beaches are worth a visit.

Each year, Liscia Ruja celebrates the Ferragosto  (Italian holiday - August 15) with a huge and very popular party.

The beach is well equipped with beach umbrellas, facilities and catering.

GPS Coordinates: 41°04’15.37”N - 9°31’44.54”E