The Data Controller is Marina di Portisco S.p.A., with registered offices in Portisco (OT) 07026, Strada Panoramica Costa Smeralda, Km 0.100, (Italy). Users are asked to send their communications to the email address:

This document is the “Privacy Policy” of the website that will be subject to updates (the versions to be consulted at the same site remain). This page contains description of website management modes in reference to problems regarding handling of data of the website users.

The information herein aims to provide explanations, on the modes, times and nature of information that the data controllers must supply to users of this website, regardless of the aims for which they consult it. In compliance with recent EU and national provisions on the matter.

The website carries out a mainly informative function regarding activities carried out by Marina di Portisco S.p.A. and other companies belonging to the Agenzia Nazionale per l’attrazione degli Investimenti e lo Sviluppo d’Impresa S.p.A.. Therefore in most cases, no website user personal data will be collected. The page “Contacts” contains the privacy information pursuant to the Leg. Decree 196/2003 and amendments, that states the use of data and other indications required by law.

Also, in limited cases, it is necessary to collect personal data for other purposes. This will be clearly stated in the information, before the data collection form, in order to allow transparency and awareness in the user.

Only common data is handled.


When providing services, cookies are not used to transmit personal information, and persistent cookies are not used, which are systems for tracking users.

The use of session cookies (that are not stored in the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the sending of session IDs (random numbers generated by the server) required to allow safe, efficient exploration of the website. The session cookies used in this website avoid the use of other potentially harmful IT techniques for users’ navigation, and does not permit the acquisition of personal data that may identify the user.






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