Thanks to our continuous commitment we obtained the ISO 14001:2015 (the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems) Certification.

Waste management

The Marina provides bins for the collection of municipal waste: paper and cardboard (white bin), glass and cans (blue bin), plastic items (red bin), non-recyclables (green bin) organic waste (brown bin).  Please use them according to the different type of waste being disposed of. Two free non-recyclable waste depots are available for oil filters, used batteries and mineral oils, emulsions and contaminated containers. Our staff will be pleased to give further information


Loving the sea also means keeping it healthy


You are kindly asked to:

  • Reduce as much as possible the use of detergents for boat cleaning;
  • Use – either on land or onboard -  fully biodegradable cleaning products (e.g. dishwashing detergents, personal hygiene products). The direct discharge into the sea of waste water together with the presence of a large number of vessels in high season can have a cumulative effect which can endanger the ecosystem. Natural and fully biodegradable products are available to buy



  • Advise our staff of  the presence of any fuel stains or oil films on the surface of the water.
  • Use the sewage and bilge collection service provided by Portisco Marina.


Water and electricity

All of our berths are provided with water and electricity, which is included in the cost of mooring.


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