Mooring guide

Mooring assistance

We would like to remind you that to obtain mooring assistance, it is necessary to request it via VHF (CH 69) close to the entrance and wait to be called to enter.

Due to high traffic volume in the summer months, this is the only way we can guarantee you the assistance you desire.

If you forget to observe these suggestions we will not be able to give your boat the assistance we would like to offer you.

Moorings and cable in propellers

The mooring line consists of a cable (rope) fixed to the wharf, the end of which is joined to a mooring chain that is turn joined to the mother chain that joins the anchors to each other.

The cable must never be freed from the wharf or mooring, unless a member of the mooring crew does not give such an order.

If the cable is taken on board autonomously by the crew or by the mooring crew, it is necessary to take care to: leave the part from the edge to the wharf completely slack so that the deadrop immediately lies on the seabed, far away from the propeller and is only taut towards the bow.

This measure, if adopted by observing sea-faring rules. Is also efficient if the cables are accidentally crossed.

The marina does not accept liability for any cables that remain trapped in the propellers, as according to Nautical Law, liability and management of the manoeuvre lies exclusively with the captain, even if the manoeuvre is assisted.

Any intervention to free the propellers of cables or other ropes that may be trapped during manoeuvres are the responsibility of the client.

Whereas according to article 14 of the Management Regulations, IT IS FORBIDDEN TO LOWER ANCHORS, if the client should for any reason lower anchor in the port’s water, he will be exclusively responsible and will therefore be liable for payment of the OTS intervention if this should be necessary to set sail.

Pursuant to article 22 of the Management Regulations

It is forbidden to go underwater with or without breathing equipment to carry out any kind of activity and/or interventions of any kind, except for professionally qualified staff, enrolled in the lists kept by the maritime authorities and authorised by the management.


Maxi Yacht

Wharf 9 is dedicated to the mooring of Maxi Yachts, an entire areas of our marina with everything required for the safe mooring and privacy of large yachts.

The moorings on wharf 9 south are equipped with two auxiliary mooring cables for each place, connected via grablines to the mother chain. The latter is anchored to a line with a number of 15/20 tonne anchors in series. These groups of anchors are joined to each other by the chain.

The two luminous yellow buoys signal the ends of the mother chain placed about 100 metres from the wharf.


Instructions to follow

These are the instructions for safe mooring.

  • Lower your anchor about 120 - 150 metres from the mooring, perpendicular to the place that the mooring crew will indicated and where you will moor your craft.
  • Use only one anchor if at all possible.
  • If you use both anchors, lower them at the same point.
  • If you so desire you can keep the bow windward during the manoeuvre; the pneumatic boat or the S.u.t. will help you.
  • Once mooring is completed, the mooring crew will bring both ends of the cables to fix to your boat.

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