Our history

The real estate company Verde Prima Immobiliare SpA designed Marina di Portisco in 1977, when it petitioned the Maritime Administration for the 15-year concession of an state-owned site, in order to build a docking area for tourist yachts.

When did construction work start?                                    

In 1979 the works were authorized and in 1980 Verde Prima Immobiliare SpA asked for an extension of the concession to 50 years, in order to expand the tourist docks according to the initial project that had been presented and authorized.

In 1985 Verde Prima Immobiliare SpA transferred the contract for the construction works to the company P.Aul Immobiliare and the ownership to Società Sviluppo Nautico Sardo SpA.

In 1989, following a competition organized in collaboration with the magazine “Yacht Capital”, Marina di Portisco was renamed “Marina di Sa Petra” for a short time, so as to strengthen its connection to the land and language of Sardinia.

In 1998 Itainvest (a company that participated in initiatives of industrial development), 100% controlled by the Italian Department of the Treasury, officially became a shareholder of the marina.

In the 2000s a further major period of structural renewal and expansion began, involving the doubling of the size of the port, bringing the total capacity of the marina to just under 600 berths, in addition to the construction of the Le Sirene hotel and a new shopping centre.

Meanwhile the port reverted to its original name of Marina di Portisco and the maritime authority concluded the process of granting the concession by means of Legislative Act 03/2004 of the Port Authority of Olbia.

During this period the company Italia Navigando SpA, which had acquired Itainvest’s equity from Sviluppo Italia, became the sole shareholder of the marina.

Since 2014 the Company has been owned by Invitalia SpA, the national agency for attracting investment and business development (formerly known as Sviluppo Italia).

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