Seakeeper demo boat a Marina di Portisco

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Marina di Portisco awarded 3 stars for their efforts to protect the environment;

Yet another prestigious award for Marina di Portisco and its impactful environmental policies. Marevivo, promoter of the Italian Ministry for the Environment’s “plastic free” campaign, of which Marina di Portisco is an active member, has awarded three starfish, their highest rating, to the Marina and its environmental initiatives.

Another Marina di Portisco initiative to protect the environment: recovering used cooking oils

In joining Renoils’ “Recycling cooking Oil” campaign, created to stop the outflow of used cooking oils (UCOs) into the sea from onboard kitchens, we have installed a recycling point on the Marina where people can pour their UCOs into a dedicated container, allowing them to be collected and reused.

Used cooking oils are one of the largest threats to the marine environment.

Once ejected into the sea, these liquids undergo a toxic oxidation process and create a monolayer across the surface, inhibiting the permeation of oxygen into the water and suffocating marine plants and animals.

UCOs also reduce sunlight penetration for the deep sea ecosystem, significantly damaging marine life.

Just 1kg of used vegetable oil can pollute 1,000 square metres of water surface.

If collected and stored, on the other hand, UCOs can once more become a key resource and be used to produce biodiesel.

Help us make a difference and protect our seas, all it takes is pouring your used oils into the dedicated container, a small effort for a great cause.

Thank you.

Sardinia Boat Show e Dufour Sardinia Cup

Sardinia Boat Show from 30th September to 2nd October at Marina di Portisco + Dufour Sardinia Cup the 3rd October.

If you love chartering or bare-boating, come to Marina di Portisco. You will find the largest and most modern fleet in the Mediterranean!

Marina di Portisco has reduced its CO2 emissions by 706 t/2020

In the spirit of our commitment to green solutions, Marina di Portisco acquires all of our energy from renewable sources located in Norway and Finland.

This energy is EECS-certified (European Energy Certification System) and is produced using solid biomass, industrial waste and commercial-biogenic activities, along with hydraulic and ocean-based sources.

Using green energy means reducing the amount of polluting gas emissions to a minimum: zero emissions from photovoltaic, hydroelectric and wind farms, while biomass is also carbon-neutral since it simply emits what the plants have previously absorbed over the course of their own lifecycle.