Festival Una Notte in Italia

Italian cinema on the island of Tavolara: a perfect mix of tourism and protection for the landscape.

The all-Italian cinema festival takes place on Tavolara island:  a perfect combination of landscape safeguard and tourism.

The Una Notte in Italia festival was created in 1991 by a group of friends who shared the same love of the Tavolara island and for the seventh art (as cinema is sometimes known). The festival focuses on Italian cinema and includes actor and filmmaker participation. Una Notte in Italia has never changed its guiding principles: Italian cinema, including films neglected by the great distribution chains, the same one-off setting (Tavolara island has been defined as the most charming open-air arena in the world, a sort of cinema theater in Paradise) and the desire to prove that a jewel like Tavolara island can be the location for interesting tourism events which blend perfectly with nature.

Transfers by boat: Boats leave every evening at 6:30pm – 20 minutes’ ride – from the Porto San Paolo jetty. Tickets are on sale at the ticket box office located at the pier. Return trips are scheduled after the end of the first and second film screening.

Transfers by private boat: The island is located in the middle of a marine reserve, hence we recommend consulting local regulations, either at the Olbia Port Authority (tel. 078921243) or at the Tavolara Marine Protected Area office (tel. 0789203013). A flashlight to signal your position in the sea is recommended. Please make sure your boat is moored safely and neatly.

Weather conditions: given the night breeze, sweatshirts and waterproof jackets are recommended.

Restaurants and bars: “da Tonino” tel. 078958570, restaurant serving seafood specialties. It includes a bar with a large array of sandwiches, snacks and ice creams.

For further info about the island call Michele Chinelli tel. 078953065, mobile 3386467684 and Luciano Rocco 3473788432.

Info about the festival: